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3D Rendering of man as engineer with gears or cogwheel Strong man with dumbbells; focus on hand and dumbbell Food and healthy nutrition - Woman eating a carrot Singer and guitar player on stage during band gig or concert People using stationary bike in a gym (no faces to be seen) Female florist in flower shop or nursery with candle in glass Two women - one is African American - eating hamburger and drinking soda in a fast food diner; focus on the meal Male and female florist or gardener in flower shop or nursery Woman scientist working with pipette in laboratory dripping egg cell in solution Mature woman in the gym lifting weights on a lat pull machine, exercising Young girl receives a gift by her mother Mature or senior couple in jogging gear doing sport and physical exercise outdoors, pushups Woman eating sushi food in Japanese restaurant with sticks Two worker controlling construction or building site walls Business people working outdoors on a meadow - he is working with laptop, she is calling someone on phone Couple spinning in a club Young couple romantic dinner: letting the white wine glasses clink; focus on the eyes of the people Man lifting a barbell in a gym doing body building exercises Female Manger talking on the cell phone (very shallow depth of field) Woman enjoying a feet massage in a spa setting (close up on feet) Strong, handsome man doing sit-ups Strong, handsome man doing push-ups Young couple romantic dinner: clinking glasses with red wine Man lifting weights in a gym, closeup on his hand Family of four outdoors at a wonderful summer day Fun happy young women out shopping together carrying their purchases in bags with smiles of satisfaction as they walk down the street Blond girl holding vegetables in her hands Happy couple shopping for fashion items in high end boutique Spicy star anise, great to use for baking cookies or do some decoration for Christmas Mother and daughter looking at something Food, fruit and healthy nutrition - blond girl seeking enlightenment amidst a lot of fruit Beautiful woman enjoying a head massage Young woman in a yoga position (Vrikshasana) Couple (male / female) doing yoga exercises together Young woman in a yoga position (Adho Mukha Svanasana) woman in fitness gym sitting at the abductor machine exercising for toned buttocks, in the background man is training shoulders and back Mother and son both liking the eyeglasses offered in optician shop being excited Band during gig making rock music on stage together Woman reading a novel on ebook by the sea in her vacation Beautiful woman having a wellness back massage and feeling visibly good about it Woman reading a novel on ebook by the sea in her vacation 3D Rendering of an elegant man holding an American dollar sign on white background 3D Rendering of man with exclamation mark having answer - different colors 3D Rendering of a man standing near an exclamation mark on white background Woman with fashion sunglasses and sun hat Sportive couple, woman and man, doing workout in outdoor gym Sportive couple, woman and man, doing workout in outdoor gym Man wiping the display glass on the dashboard in his car with a blue anti-static cloth as he cleans the vehicle, close up on his hand Mother with children having a lot of stress doing the homework Dentist during treatment of senior patient woman looking into mouth